Hilton Head Island

I just returned from a trip to Hilton Head.  Hilton Head in February is a much different visit than if you go during the summer time.  In summer, Hilton Head is packed, but in February it is much less crowded.

Hilton Head has the most beautiful sunrises and you need to make sure you wake up early enough to see one as they are worthwhile getting up early to see.

I went with my sisters so we did a lot of shopping and sight seeing in the area.  Harbor Town in Sea Pines is one place that you need to stop by and check out.  There is a lighthouse there that you can walk to the top of and check out the view.  In October, 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit Hilton Head and they are currently in the process of building this area back up again.

View from the top of the lighthouse.

Harbor Town Lighthouse

We did a lot of walking, but we all enjoyed the walking in the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge area.  We even saw a couple of alligators.

Can you see the alligator sitting on the shore?

We took a couple of trips off the island.  One of those trips was a visit to Bluffton.  Every Thursday they have a farmers market that is something to see.  If you like to see churches, they have a church there that is very beautiful and the area around it is so scenic to see.

While you are in Bluffton, you need to eat at the Cottage.  We ate lunch there and they were able to accommodate my gluten free eating.  It was crowded but it would be worth the wait to eat there.

We also went to Savannah.  Savannah is less than an hour car ride from Hilton Head.  There is a lot of history in Savannah and you can take a trolley tour or simply walk around, which is what we did.

The Cathedral in Savannah

I did not have too many issues eating gluten free on this trip.  One of the places we ate at on Hilton Head was called Rockfish Seafood & Steaks @ Bonboras.  It is a restaurant/bar in Coligne Plaza and is owned by a couple who used to live in my home town of Cincinnati, Ohio.  If you go there, they have quite a few Cincinnati dishes; Montgomery Inn Ribs, Big Boy Burger, and other Ohio favorites.  They also have The Art Cafe above that would be good to take kids to on a rainy day or just a day away from the beach.  They were very accommodating with me and made a gluten free scallop dish that was delicious.

Doesn’t this scallop dish look  yummy?

There is one place that you need to go to and that is Marche de Macarons.  We found this place in Savannah, but found out that they also have a shop on Hilton Head as well.  These macarons are the best that I’ve ever tasted and they are entirely gluten free.  Check out their website at www.marchedemacarons.com.

We all really enjoyed our little winter get away.  It is a great place to take the family to.  If you’ve been to Hilton Head Island, I’d love to hear what some of your favorite places there are.

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  1. Hi Judy. The sunrise photo is unreal, and the entire trip looks awesome. I am glad you found some good restaurants too. There is nothing like that beach – any time of the year 🙂

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