After we left Vancouver, we had a day at sea.  There are so many fun things to do on a cruise ship.  We did a photo scavenger hunt and name that tune game.  Both were lots of fun to do especially with the group that we travel with.  We have a group of around 20 friends who like to travel.  Some trips we have all 20 joining but this time we had 11.  When we were planning this trip, we decided early on that each couple would get a port.  It works out well because that couple would research all the excursions that the cruise had for that port as well as other options on excursions off the ship.  We have found that if we get someone from that port city familiar with the area to take us to various spots that they recommend that it is much more fun and pleasant because then it is just our group that is going versus a bigger group from the cruise ship.  We either have always lucked out or we are just that good in our research as we have never run into any problems with the people we pick and having them get us back to the port on time.

One note on gluten free food.  I was not diagnosed celiac when we took this trip so I cannot give any recommendations on restaurants that we visited at each port.  However, I have been on many cruises since my diagnosis and I will say that the cruise lines we were on are very accommodating with gluten free options.  It also helps that you get the same waiter each night as they then are aware of your food issue and know ahead of time what you can or cannot eat.

Ketchikan was one of those ports that we all split up and did a multiple of things.  There was a group that did a float plane.  I did not do this, but from what I heard later, the group that went thought it was the best thing that they did on the trip.   The company they went through to take this excursion was called Island Wings and everyone who went said that they would highly recommend this company.  Island Wings took them on a tour of Misty Fjords and they saw some awesome sights.

Island Wings Float Plane

Some of us went on a Duck Tour.  I know it sounds lame, but if you’ve never been on one before, you need to go on one just for the fun of it.  The drivers are usually highly amusing and the tour does take you on an overview of the area.  While taking the duck tour, we did see an eagle.

Ketchikan is known as the salmon capital of the world and it is something to see when the salmon are swimming upstream there.  We went end of August and we were surprised at how many salmon we saw.  I tried to capture them jumping and did not have much luck, but you can see from the picture below just how many there were.

Make sure you leave plenty of time to walk around the town as it is cute and they have lots of little shops to go into.  Also, when packing for an Alaskan cruise you should bring a rain jacket and layer.  It was rainy in Ketchikan but I would say that it was in the mid 50’s when we were there.

The Town of Ketchikan

Please come back next week as our next stop is Skagway!

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  1. I remember the salmon were so amusing to watch. They looked like popcorn the way they jumped out of the water. This was indeed a terrific cruise!

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