Welcome to Anchorage!

We picked up a bus from Royal Caribbean that took us to Anchorage.   The plan was to visit the Anchorage Museum which was interesting.  We then had some time to eat lunch before we took a flight to Fairbanks.


Sophie’s Station

By the time we arrived in Fairbanks, we were all pretty tired and hungry so we went to dinner then to sleep.  Royal Caribbean put us up at Sophie Station Hotel which was nice.  They had us up and going early the next day.  We took a Riverboat Discover Tour; which was kind of touristy but nice.

Riverboat Tour

Moose we saw on the riverboat tour.

After the Riverboat Discover Tour we went into downtown Fairbanks where we were able to explore their historic downtown area and have some lunch.  After lunch we got back on the bus and drove to Denali National Park.

Alaskan Pipeline

Along the way to Denali National Park, we stopped at the Alaskan Pipeline.   The pipeline was constructed in 1977 as a means of transporting petroleum from the oilfields at Prudhoe Bay to the marine terminal in Valdez where it is loaded aboard tankers for the journey to US refineries.  It took two years to finish this project and was a major economic boost to Alaska.

Please join me next week as we travel to Denali National Park!

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