Alaska/Denali National Park

Welcome to the beauty of Denali National Park!

We stayed at the Grande Denali Lodge overnight which was beautiful!  We had various options that we could do for this night.  Some of our crew went on a whitewater raft trip.

Whitewater raft adventure!

Some of them went on a nature hike and saw some awesome scenery!

I went along with a friend to see Jeff King’s sled dogs.  Jeff King was a four time Iditarod champion and since we both just love dogs we figured this would be something that we would enjoy and we sure did!

The puppies.

Jeff King

We all met back up at the Grande Denali Lodge for an evening of fun and discussing what each of us did that night.  The next day the tour had us up early for a Denali Natural History Tour.  We met with the tour director who took us on a bus ride through Denali National Park.  Here are some of the scenery pictures that I took along our ride.

We went in September and the colors were simply beautiful as you can see from the pictures above.  After our tour through Denali, we caught the Wilderness Express for our next stop; Talkeetna.  The wilderness express is the Royal Caribbean’s glass train that takes you from Denali to Talkeetna and through which you can see some of the most beautiful scenery that Alaska offers.

Please come back next week for our adventure in Talkeetna!

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  1. I remember being so surprised at how colorful it was in the fall, and those puppies! Learning about the Iditarod was quite fascinating, too!

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