Hilton Head – Savannah

We decided to take the boat that leaves from the Hilton Head pier to go to Savannah.  Last year, we drove over, but this year we thought we’d try going on the boat across.  It was a fun trip over.  We sat with another couple who had made this trip multiple times.  It was about an hour and a half ride, but it went pretty fast.

Savannah is such an interesting city to visit.  However, because we had traveled by boat, we only had a few hours so we didn’t have much of a chance to see the city.  We did explore more of it last year and it is a coastal Georgia city that is separated from South Carolina by the Savannah River. It’s known for manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages and interesting architecture. Its historic district is filled with cobble-stoned squares and parks that are shaded by oak trees covered with Spanish moss. At the center of this district is the landmark, Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.  I don’t have a picture from this cathedral as we did not get to see it on this trip, but we did see it last year and it is so worth the time to visit it.  Below is a picture of the trees with all the Spanish moss hanging from it.

This was more of a shopping trip for us then sightseeing and there are two shops that we always visit.  One of them is Marché de Macarons as I love macarons and they are gluten free and very delicious.  Here is a colorful picture of their display case.

After stopping by at Marché de Macarons and sampling some of their macarons, it was on to our next favorite store and that is Kendra Scott.  The last time we were at the Savannah store, they  gave us all champagne, but sadly this time that was not the case.  However, we all left there with some of their jewelry.  Since we were running out of time, we decided to head to eat some lunch and then went back to the boat for our relaxing trip back to Hilton Head.  Next week we will visit Daufuskie Island.

Hilton Head

I’m going to take another detour from my walking Cincinnati posts and take you all back to Hilton Head.  This past weekend I went on a girls weekend and we all had a blast.

The picture above is of the lovely ladies that I went with on this weekend trip.  Two of them are my sisters and one is a very good friend who had never been to Hilton Head before.  We had a good time showing her the sights.

We all love to walk on the beach and the two pictures above were birds that I saw along my walk.  Below is a picture of the view from the condo.

We took a boat over to Savannah one day and next week I’ll take you along with us as we shop our way through Savannah.

Walking in Cincinnati – Bellevue

Ok; so Bellevue is not in Cincinnati, but the walking in Cincinnati book takes us around Northern Kentucky as well as Cincinnati so this was the walk we picked this week.  Bellevue is a quaint city on the Ohio River in the most northern tip of Kentucky.  The name Bellevue translates from French as “beautiful view” and we did see some beautiful views of the Ohio River with the city of Cincinnati in the background.

This walk starts and ends at the Party Source which is a liquor and party supply store where you can buy almost every type of alcohol around.   As we started our walk, we came across a couple of murals.

There are lots of little shops and restaurants in Bellevue that you walk past so if you’re hungry or want to stop and shop there are lots of opportunities to do so.  The walk took us down to the Bellevue Beach Park which is where I took the beautiful view of the Ohio River that I referred to above.

This walk took us to an iron footbridge that is one of only two iron footbridges remaining in Kentucky.  At the base is a firemen’s memorial.

We passed by the former St. Anthony Church complex.  The grade school is now housing for the elderly, but the rectory continues to serve as a rectory. Below is a picture of the courtyard at the rectory.

As we finished up this walk, we came across the cutest little bed and breakfast called the Weller Haus.  It is also an event center.  We just all fell in love with this place and below are several pictures we took while there.

That was the end of this walk, but since we were all hungry we stopped at Buckheads to eat lunch.  My niece, Christina, joined us.

Join me next week as we continue walking around Cincinnati.

Walking in Cincinnati – East Walnut Hills

Here is the map of the walk that we took.  It is an easy 3.8 mile walk that starts in the Village of Woodburn or East Walnut Hills.  East Walnut Hills is home to some impressive mansions.  There is a lot off Woodburn Avenue that you can park in.  The walk starts in front of the Gothic St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.

This walk took us past a number of beautiful homes.  As you can see from the pictures I took below, these homes were very interesting and we had a difficult time deciding which one we liked best.

This walk takes you through the O’Bryonville business district which has lots of small historic buildings that house specialty stores, restaurants and galleries.  It’s worth visiting BonBonerie Fine Pastries, Ten Thousand Villages and Kisment to name a few of the shops that you find there.  We stopped at the BonBonerie for some cookies and shopped at some of the stores.  It was a fun and easy walk to do.

Join me next week as we continue our walking through Cincinnati.