We went to Chicago over Easter weekend this year.  It just happened that Loyola basketball was in the final four championship game.  They were a number 11 seed that made it to the final four.  Sadly, they lost that game, but we all figured that the 98 year old chaplain, Sister Jean, was the reason that they made it that far:)

Our girls bought us tickets to see the show Hamilton.  I’ve heard so many good reviews on this show and was really excited to see it.  It was really great and my girls, who had seen it multiple times already, said that it was one of the best performances that they had seen.  I am not a history buff, but this show was very good and between my girls and my husband they filled me in on any history that I needed to know.  It is such a great show so if you get a chance to see it in your city, I would recommend that you go.

Frank Lloyd Wright had quite a number of homes in the Oak Park area so we went there one day and did a walking tour of that area.  Here are just a few pictures of his houses.  They are incredible.

While in the Oak Park area, we found Two Brothers Brewery and ate lunch there.  It was very good and they also have a coffee and tea bar.

We went to Easter Sunday mass at the Cathedral downtown.  I believe the name was the Holy Name Cathedral.  It was a beautiful church.

Of course, we had to have Easter brunch at one of my favorite gluten free restaurants, Wheat’s End.  What’s an Easter brunch without mimosas??

I’m going to end this post with a lego picture of the Chicago skyline.  I just cannot imagine the amount of hours that went into creating this.


We go to Nashville a lot as we really like going there and listening to the music.  This time was a little different in that we had a concert that we wanted to see at the Ryman.  Tony Bennett was singing there and we figured that he might not be touring after this year as he is currently 91 years old.  He did not disappoint us.  He sang for an hour and a half straight through without an intermission.  He was really good and sang all his popular songs.  I did get one fairly good picture of him.

We also went back to the Nashville Palace as we really enjoy the acts that they have there.  We listened to a sister duo that was very good on their own.  There was a couple of fiddle players in the audience that they knew so they all came up on stage with them and performed.  It was pretty awesome to hear.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Nashville without stopping by the places that we always like to visit while in the area.

We visited a roof top bar and took some nighttime shots of the skyline.  The pictures are a little grainy.

While we were away, Cincinnati did get quite a bit of snow.  We didn’t run into any down in Nashville, but did on the ride home.  I don’t think we saw the picture below until we hit Louisville.