Hilton Head – Daufuskie Island

We had never been to Daufuskie Island, but since we heard it was nice we decided to take a boat over to the island and explore.  Luckily for us, there was a nice man on the ferry over to Savannah that had been to Daufuskie the day before so he gave us some tips that were very helpful.  We had rented a golf cart to drive around the island.  Here’s a picture of us in the cart.

Here’s a picture of the roads we traveled on.  It was a fun but bumpy ride as most of the roads were gravel or dirt roads.

Our first stop was at the church in the picture below.

Our next stop was at school grounds coffee, but sadly they had taken off for the weekend so we could not taste their coffee, but we took a picture there anyway.

One of the tips that the nice man told us about was to bring our own lunch.  They do have one restaurant on the island, but it gets a bit crowded.  We were very glad we listened to this tip as we brought cheese, crackers, grapes and other munchies and stopped at the lighthouse/winery.  They were not making wine yet at the winery and only had a few vines, but they did have some wine there and the lady was very accommodating to us and let us eat our lunch on the back porch of the lighthouse.  We also bought a bottle of wine so that might be why, but it was so much fun and such a nice day to spend there relaxing, drinking wine and eating our lunch.

Our next stop after lunch was to go to the beach and walk.  We all enjoyed just walking along the shore.

We did manage to get lost after this stop, but we eventually found our way back to the General Store and waited for our boat to take us back to Hilton Head.  This was such a fun side trip and if you get to Hilton Head, you should look into taking the boat across to this island.

Join me next week as I finished up with our trip to Hilton Head.