Hilton Head

Ok; you can all see that we love to take some goofy pictures, but we sure know how to have fun doing it.  We had a great time in Hilton Head and it was so much fun with these ladies.

I’ve traveled to many places over the years, but I have to say you cannot find a more beautiful sunrise than on Hilton Head.  Below are the many pictures that I took over several morning walks along the beach.  I hope you enjoy seeing them all and I apologize for posting so many, but one was more beautiful than the other and I’m not talking about my photography, but the sunrise itself.


I’m obsessed with taking sunrise pictures as you can see:)  Hilton Head is a beautiful place to go visit.  I wouldn’t suggest going during their season as it gets really crowded, but we went in February and it was so nice.


Hilton Head

I’m going to take another detour from my walking Cincinnati posts and take you all back to Hilton Head.  This past weekend I went on a girls weekend and we all had a blast.

The picture above is of the lovely ladies that I went with on this weekend trip.  Two of them are my sisters and one is a very good friend who had never been to Hilton Head before.  We had a good time showing her the sights.

We all love to walk on the beach and the two pictures above were birds that I saw along my walk.  Below is a picture of the view from the condo.

We took a boat over to Savannah one day and next week I’ll take you along with us as we shop our way through Savannah.