Mt. Ranier, Whitbey Island and Seattle

We flew into Seattle for this trip and on the way to our first stop which was Mt. Ranier, we stopped at Elliott Bay Brewery for a little lunch and a drink.  It was a great place to stop at.

After we had lunch, we continued on to Mt. Ranier.  Mount Rainier National Park, a 369-sq.-mile Washington state reserve southeast of Seattle, surrounds glacier-capped, 14,410-ft. Mount Rainier. Atop 6,400-ft.-high Sunrise, the highest point in the park reachable by car, visitors can admire Rainier and other nearby volcanoes, including Mount Adams. The park’s 5,400-ft.-high Paradise overlook offers mountain views, summertime wildflower meadows and hiking trailheads.  This place was absolutely spectacular to see!  As you can tell from my pictures below, I was obsessed with taking pictures of Mt. Ranier.

We stayed at Paradise Inn which is inside the park.  Here are a few pictures of the Inn as well as some of the animals we saw around the Inn.

This cute little deer was looking at us from our room.

The view that you see each morning when you come out of the Inn was the main reason we stayed there.  This picture below is what we saw every morning we were there.  The rooms at the Inn are very tiny, but since we were seldom in them, it didn’t bother us at all.  They have a big lobby area that we hung out in every night.

Mt. Ranier is a must see if you are in the Seattle area.  We enjoyed this stop and really wished we had booked more time here.  Next week join me as we go to our next stop; Whitbey Island.