Sanibel/Captiva Island

I think we all have that special place that we’ve traveled to that we always want to go back to again and again because it is relaxing or the memories from that place are just so special.  Sanibel Island is that place for me.  I went there on my honeymoon for the first time in 1982 and have been back many times.  Many of my favorite family memories are from vacations spent on Sanibel Island.  Here is a beautiful sunset picture that we took when we were there.  If you go to Sanibel you must look up Danny Morgan.  He is a singer on the island and he sings a beautiful song about the sunsets you can see there.

Beautiful Sanibel Sunset

This is the Sanibel lighthouse that is on the tip of the island.  It has a public beach access to it and you can find some great shells on that end of the island as well as see dolphins swimming around that area.  Sanibel is known for all the shells that are on the beaches.

Sanibel Lighthouse

One of our favorite restaurants in the area is called the Mucky Duck and it is located on Captiva Island which is connected to Sanibel Island by a small bridge.  You can see some of the most beautiful sunsets on the beach outside the Mucky Duck.  The Mucky Duck doesn’t necessarily have a gluten free menu, but if you ask the waitress what they can do for you, they are very accommodating.  Sanibel does not have chain restaurants except for the Dairy Queen.  A couple of great spots for breakfast are The Lighthouse Cafe and The Over Easy Cafe.  Again, both are pretty accommodating on eating gluten free, but I did prefer The Over Easy Cafe for the gluten free choices.

The island offers a variety of things to do there.  They have bike trails over the entire island.  Most of the beaches are private, but there are a couple that are open to the public.  We enjoy going to the Ding Darling National Wildlife Preserve which covers a good portion of the island.  You can drive through, bike ride or walk through this Wildlife Refuge.

Please feel free to leave a comment on where your special vacation spot is as I’d love to hear about it and maybe even visit there some time.