Walking in Cincinnati – Bellevue

Ok; so Bellevue is not in Cincinnati, but the walking in Cincinnati book takes us around Northern Kentucky as well as Cincinnati so this was the walk we picked this week.  Bellevue is a quaint city on the Ohio River in the most northern tip of Kentucky.  The name Bellevue translates from French as “beautiful view” and we did see some beautiful views of the Ohio River with the city of Cincinnati in the background.

This walk starts and ends at the Party Source which is a liquor and party supply store where you can buy almost every type of alcohol around.   As we started our walk, we came across a couple of murals.

There are lots of little shops and restaurants in Bellevue that you walk past so if you’re hungry or want to stop and shop there are lots of opportunities to do so.  The walk took us down to the Bellevue Beach Park which is where I took the beautiful view of the Ohio River that I referred to above.

This walk took us to an iron footbridge that is one of only two iron footbridges remaining in Kentucky.  At the base is a firemen’s memorial.

We passed by the former St. Anthony Church complex.  The grade school is now housing for the elderly, but the rectory continues to serve as a rectory. Below is a picture of the courtyard at the rectory.

As we finished up this walk, we came across the cutest little bed and breakfast called the Weller Haus.  It is also an event center.  We just all fell in love with this place and below are several pictures we took while there.

That was the end of this walk, but since we were all hungry we stopped at Buckheads to eat lunch.  My niece, Christina, joined us.

Join me next week as we continue walking around Cincinnati.